New media coursework 3

new media coursework 3 New media coursework 3 amupitan bankole michael m00388810. new media coursework 3 New media coursework 3 amupitan bankole michael m00388810. new media coursework 3 New media coursework 3 amupitan bankole michael m00388810.

Cmt_course_work_3_final_tues_9_sept_2014__2_50 coursework 2 coursework 3 cmt3331 new media module ~ reggae/dancehall music in london today search: coursework 3 cmt_course_work_3_final_tues_9 notify me of new comments via email advertisements subscribe. Soundtrack as the bob's tattoo emporium advert is intended as a comical, viral video a suitable soundtrack has to be chosen, one that is fun and full of energy. New media coursework blog jahit janberk m00208744 skip to the blog and video was properly submitted onto the coursework 3 section of the blog a logo was important for my product using my project module product is a good idea since, creating a new product will be time. This week i started out with the creation of the social media plan for the product such as adopting social media tools like facebook,twitter,wordpress and google-plus in order gain new customers and to promote the awareness for a product (newmedia coursework 3.

New media coursework 3 amupitan bankole michael m00388810. Special offer for new customers: 10% off your first order use coupon: 635f7f13c4 coursework4ucouk - best writing service for uk and us students if the situation is extremely troublesome you can easily get coursework help. The past week has been the most challenging in the course of this coursework a significant amount of time has been spent in the plotting of the promotional video. New media coursework 3 is a personal blog site which publishes details of my final coursework on media advertisement and promotion details such as poster creation, movie and animation design as well as social media publicity are various aspects of the coursework which shall be addressed and. Idea for campaign i am thinking of using two fabricated products that are being advertised by a made up company i have not decided a name for the company but have selected both my products the first product is a spray that heals damaged and broken skin/flesh this idea is similar to the 'spray.

My 3rd coursework is about promotion of a fictitious product using promotional advert video of maximum of 2 minutes and a promotional poster these elements would be publicized through social media networks solely for the promotion of the product or service. This week is the final completion of this blog i started this coursework 3 from 15 fed the final submission of my entire coursework 3 illustrated by below. The aim of the third coursework is to create a fictive promotional package and raise public awareness regarding a fictional company for this particular coursework, the choice of my fictitious product is a new line of energetic drinks called dynamo energy drink drinks are available in cans. Coursework 3 for the new media (cmt3331) module.

I recorded the video for my promotional video advert on the day the video was shot, there were couple of challenges which made us use more than the time we had anticipated for. New media - coursework 3 weekly progress reports week 1 - coursework topic & case studies week 2 - social media recommendation. Xpro by gent clipper was promoted through the various social media that has been adopted after the creation of the various pages and channel for the youtube, they employed a cross-platform integration across the various channel that has been created.

New media coursework 3

Social media plan this week, the digital marketing of dan wash was worked on a social media page was created in order to promote the advert video and also the social media plan of the advert. Social media in business for the upcoming weeks i will be researching social media techniques and applications companies are using to advertise their product and brand for this i will be choosing the company trek bicycle a small background on this company trek bicycle is a bicycle.

  • Student name : udegbe fitzgerald salihu student number: m00429401 these is where the progress for my weekly coursework module are being displayed for the lab tutor to view, these is where i would be displaying the step by step progress of my fictitious product a wristwatch,audermarsfitz.
  • Below please find all relevant links to the material involved in this coursework, as requested by the final submission specifications a) link to the new dedicated blog a2) link to weekly progress reports on new dedicated blog b) link to the social networking plan c) link to the promotional.
  • Last week i designed the poster this week i am working on the promotional video for convenience and cost cutting, the video was shot at the same time with the poster.
  • New media course work 3 this week was also devoted to completion of the video editing using adobe premiere cs6 and adobe after effects cs6.
  • New media coursework-3 my focus this week was on on the story board, which is a low fidelity prototype consisting of various series of scene sketches.

Carrying out an evaluation of the social media plan, its implementation and the coursework in general whether or not it was successfully implemented. For new media coursework m00429272 link to coursework 3 advertisements leave a comment october 21, 2013 by nelsonddon homepage welcome to my world of newmedia coursework blog leave a comment. Course in media toggle navigation toggle search courses courses certificate the fashion new media semester course focuses on a strategic aspect of the target - the fahion new media is aimed at young professionals that wish to improve their vision and creative skills through new media.

New media coursework 3
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